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The Rainbow Dragon Coloring Book is the ORIGINAL Adult Coloring Book!

Coloring Book for adults and children is calming and fun to color.  Book 2 has our brand new round geometric designs.  Printed on our special silky paper,  this activity is attractive for those with special needs or sensory issues.  Perfect for use with Rainbow Dragon Markers with no bleed-thru.   Or use any marker, gel pen, or colored pencil.  The Rainbow Dragon encouraged ‘Adult Coloring’ starting in 1977!



A coloring book for all ages and abilities

This coloring book has beautiful hand-drawn designs by a mother/daughter team that are really fun to color!  The twelve patterns repeat twice for a total of 24 pages.  Perfect-binding at the top is for right or left-hand use.  These kaleidoscopic designs are easy for adults and children all ages.   The spaces to color are challenging yet not too intricate.  Color a single pattern in a reasonable amount of time without frustration.

The paper has a smooth ‘silky’ quality perfect for Rainbow Dragon Markers. These markers produce a very calming, satisfying experience. Those with Autism, Alzheimer’s, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, etc. prefer this book over any other.   Use any marker, gel pen, colored pencil with no bleed-through. Even Sharpie will not go through our paper!   The back cover shows colored examples, if you do need inspiration.  The images contain no subject matter to influence color choice. Color them any way you like.  The repeated design lets you see how different the same design can look colored differently.  Try putting light where dark was and vice-versa for a dramatic change!

Improves Mood and Enhances Well-Being

Using this coloring book has proven beneficial for ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, stress-relief and Depression.  Testimonies from our customers include Anxiety, Dyslexia, Parkinson’s Disease, and PTSD. Those with Brain Trauma and Injury (TBI), Down’s Syndrome, and Sensory-Processing Disorder benefit from this book. Customers claim improvement with Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Dysgraphia, and Opposition Defiant Disorder.  Some have used our book to help with pain management, drug & alcohol addiction, weight loss and smoking cessation!

Many have reported that they “just feel better and happier” after coloring in their Rainbow Dragon book.  The doctors and professionals who use our products say it re-awakens the brain, a condition know as ‘brain resuscitation’.  Expressing yourself in a creative way boosts confidence, lifts your mood, lowers blood pressure and calms the mind.  Try this coloring book and see how it makes you feel!


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