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Question #1: If these designs are hand-drawn (no computer used), why do they look so perfect?

Answer:  The designs are drawn using an old-fashioned process of radial repeat. One little “pizza slice” wedge of a pattern is meticulously drawn by hand on tracing paper initially with pencil, then ink. Then it is repeated around to complete a circle or “pizza”.  There is a lot of trial and error work to get the design so that it works out and is both beautiful AND fun to color. The design is then imported into the computer to make it look more uniform and because our printer requires a digital image to make our books. Each design takes a minimum of 10 hours from start to finish. Inspiration for the designs may come from fabric, wall paper, wrapping paper, glass etchings, etc.  We continue to use our age-old technique for the design process to preserve a hand-drawn quality

Question #2: What was your mother’s vision for these designs when she first drew them?

Answer:  In 1977 she drew the designs for coloring (adults and children), or to be used as a pattern book for stained glass, quilt, embroidery patterns or anything else you may want a round design.

She first had the idea when she took some carpet pattern designs to a campground lodge along with markers and crayons and was surprised to see how fascinated adults were with the activity. It seemed to facilitate easy conversation between children and adults. She became convinced that  many adults have forgotten how much fun coloring is. This motivated her to finally draw the twelve designs and publish her first coloring book.  Her mission was to enhance the lives of young  and old; and whether it is for the first time, or a rediscovery, to create a child-like joy through coloring. If you have never been artistic, that’s OK! We’ve done the hard part for you, just fill in the spaces and take a mini-vacation!

Question 3: Are these special markers? Why no black or brown? How long do they last?

Answer:  Yes, these are artist’s-quality markers with vibrant water-based ink. They have a soft yet resilient, pointed felt tip for precise coloring in smaller areas. But tilting at a slight angle makes  it easier to color larger spaces and get more coverage. If the cap is left off and the nib dries, dip it in water for five seconds and they will re-hydrate. These markers are great with all papers. Our set of 12 rainbow colors is exclusive to The Rainbow Dragon.  We don’t have black  or brown because well, we’re The Rainbow Dragon! My mother feels that we’re giving you black and white line art that you fill with happy, bright colors. If someone is battling  Depression which our product is very good for, it’s best to keep away from dark oppressive hues. Although, we may add some more “neutralized” colors in the future. According to  testimonies from our return customers, our markers will last 4-15 years (least to most,  respectively)! We have many long-time fans who love our markers.

Question #4: What media can you use on your paper?

Answer:  The paper in our coloring books is designed for Rainbow Dragon markers although you can use any type of marker; water-based, solvent or alcohol-based (like Sharpie), gel pen, and colored pencil (will be a bit lighter). Prismacolor colored pencils work beautifully. Crayons or  water-color paint not recommended. Using Rainbow Dragon Markers on our paper produces a very calming and therapeutic experience that is difficult to describe other than “smooth and  velvety” and they don’t bleed through. That is why so many organizations and professionals (from Behavioral Health, Cancer Treatment & Senior Living to many types of therapists &  counselors) use our book in their practices.

Question 5: Do you have more designs?

Answer:  Yes, we have new designs coming soon! Mom has Macular Degeneration and is losing her vision,  so drawing the patterns is getting increasingly difficult for her. (She is 82 years old, after all!) Our next book contains designs from both my mother and me.

Question 6: Did your mother ever realize that something she had dreamed up so long ago would become such a huge trend?

Answer:  No, Mom always wanted to keep this a small family business-mountain-top gift stores, hospital gift shops, a few arts and craft shows here and there, etc. After losing my job as a pattern designer and colorist in 2009, I really took the business ‘out on the road’ to much larger  shows. With the help of my boyfriend Jim, we hit the ground running! Of course, I got a lot of resistance in my quest to bring awareness to the benefits of adult coloring to the  mainstream. Some people are more willing and open to trying something new than others and  it finally started catching on. Today adult coloring is a multi-billion dollar industry according  to a popular morning news show.

Question 7: How is your book different from all the flood of new books on the market?

Answer:  Our paper and markers produce the most stress-free coloring, no drag, no bleeding through the paper or bleeding outward. The pages can be removed, but I prefer to leave the collection intact for browsing through. With the designs in our book, you aren’t influenced by subject matter, so you can use any color you want and as many/few colors as desired. And don’t forget that white spaces are good too. So there are NO RULES at all, just let yourself be free to create!  Because our designs are somewhat simpler, they take less time. So many of the new  books’ designs are very intricate and can be overwhelming.  The Rainbow Dragon is an entire line of coloring products including note cards, ornaments (in black and white), gift tags, note pads, and a poster. Our Bordered Cards and Quotations with timely “words to live by” have  beautiful calligraphy hand-lettered by my late father and borders to color designed by Mom.