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Ann Heacker. the designer and creator of the Rainbow Dragon products, says that ever since she was a little girl, she loved working with color.  She and her mother spent many happy hours together coloring in coloring books and she vowed that when she grew up she would design a coloring book where you could use any color you wanted instead of being restricted by the subject matter.

Here you will find unique coloring books, wooden dragons and rainbows with watercolor markers, gift tags, notepads and posters to color.

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The joy of color knows no barriers of age, skill, intelligence or inhibition.  Even as it liberates our individual and unique creative energies, it makes us more aware of the commonality of the human spirit. 

Rainbow Dragon products are designed to bring a little magic into the lives of children, mothers, grandmothers, phone doodlers, teenagers, camp counselors, prisoners, teachers and bedridden patients.

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